Monday, August 3, 2009

Orientation Day 1

Phew, so exhausted! So I guess everyone wants to hear the details. All-in-all, it was a long day. Orientation started at 8:30 but most people checked in and were having the continental breakfast by 8:00. First we all sat in an auditorium and the various personnel introduced themselves, their departments, and what their role will be in our lives. This mainly included the librarians, directors of student affairs, etc. We were told a little information about our class - we have the highest average GPA (overall and science) of any TUCOM class to date, but our MCAT was still about 28. Berkeley was the biggest feeder school at 22 students, the highest from any one school in TUCOM's history, and there are slightly more women than men. The school's rabbi also said a few words and a prayer.

Next we filed into one of the classrooms and heard a heartfelt speech about how great it is what we're attempting to accomplish. We were then separated into smaller groups to accomplish a few tasks. In turns we get to be assigned to clicker groups, go to the bursar's office and get our checks, get our photo IDs, do a laptop check, and go to student health to get our insurance figured out. There're probably a few other details in there I missed but meh. We heard a talk from the student government leaders and had lunch with one of them for Q&A.

After lunch we spent two hours where each of us was filmed at the podium giving everyone a couple-minute long autobiography. There are about 10 people with children, and quite a few married couples. I can't imagine attempting medschool with children - they are very brave! We are a very diverse group. At the end of all this, a couple reps from medical technology companies came to tell us about the sets of equipment Touro has arranged for us to buy at a "discount" from them. Tomorrow we get to see their stuff and make decisions for ourself - I'm rather indifferent - I'll just go with the Lithium-Ion battery set and the Littmann stethoscope unless the earpieces are too uncomfortable.

I'm really tired, and thankfully tomorrow will only last til about 2:30pm, not 4:30pm like today. I'm going to watch some True Blood now to relax...

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