Friday, July 31, 2009

Counting Down

The days draw closer, it's very exciting! Monday is Day 1 of orientation, which will last approximately 8-5. It will be the same on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is the first official day of classes. I already read through the chapters about insect, spider, mite, reptile, and marine organisms that can hurt you in my "Principles of Internal Medicine" text - the largest of them all. It is 2,754 pages long, with a 16 page appendix and 150 page index. It has about 400 chapters, and I read the last three chapters. It makes me excited to get started!

I've already started to plan out my back-to-school routine. There are a few side-goals I would like to work on in addition to the whole "doctor" thing. Firstly, I will be listening to language lessons at least on the commute to school, and possibly the commute back from school. The languages I plan to learn, in order: Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian/Chinese. I'm pretty strong in Spanish, but I need to refresh my memory and learn more conversational stuff. As for Japanese, I took one class, and have watched anime for over 8 years with subtitles, so I love the language and am familiar with it. Plus, I love almost everything Japanese, so that one is the top of my list. German is for all the music I listen to and for when I visit one day. Chinese I may learn simply because so many people speak it, and Russian because I want to visit also. Second, I want to get a workout plan going - perhaps I will aim to do 30 minutes on weekdays at the gym on campus. 10 minutes on arms, 10 minutes on legs, and 10 minutes on the abdomen should be good. Plus it would be a good way to de-stress after eight hours of classes.

Where and how to study, and on what to snack are other concerns of mine. I'll be borrowing Dad's nice book stand, I am already in the habit of brewing 92oz of unsweetened iced tea and drinking that in place of sodas, and there are a few study foods I am putting on a mental list: dried cranberries, popcorn, blueberries, baby carrots, raw sliced bell pepper, almonds, etc. I still need to work on my insect collection, photography, art, writing, etc. but I think languages and working out are the highest priority for now.

In other news, LASIK will be happening! My pre-op appointment is September 28, and I'm trying to get my "surgery" scheduled for October 2nd. I'm also counting down til the Tokio Hotel album is released, coincidentally also on October 2nd (theoretically).

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