Monday, July 27, 2009

The Books Are Here

Well, I came home to 30 textbooks waiting in their boxes. Didn't take me too long to tear through them all. Now I just need to double check the list and make sure I got all of the ones I needed - I actually ended up with an extra one, but I have already found someone on the school listserv who will buy it from me. I'm all moved in back home too, though I need to get some gloves still! Darn! Almost forgot about that. I'll be staying inside the next two days at least on account of my face - we shall see how red it gets. Anyway, here are the book photos as promised.

Also, as far as the physical, apparently I am missing proof of immunity to Hep B and Varicella, so I won't be able to send out my form to student health services until the doctor gets the results. She was a Touro graduate as well, so I asked her a few things here and there, between the wonderfulness of a physical. She went to UCSD like I did, then applied only to Touro and got in, then applied to just one residency (at UCSD) and got it. It's funny how some people apply to 50 medical schools and get into none of them, then some apply to one or two and get them all. She also said that most of her friends were happy where they matched as well, which is reassuring. Especially since hers was one of the first few graduating classes at Touro. Hopefully match day will not be a nightmare for us.

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