Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nearing the End of 2nd Year

Well, in a few short weeks my core classes will be finished and I will be mostly studying for Board Exams (USMLE, COMLEX) and gearing up for rotations. My third year rotations will mostly be taking place around Fairfield and Napa, with two rotations out in Stockton (psychiatry and hospital-internal medicine). That isn't until the end of year 3. My schedule only permits one month of vacation, which I intend to take right at the beginning so I can extend the time that Itake USMLE and COMLEX by a month - an extra month of studying will make a big difference, especially since that is ALL I will be doing. I am leaving a week between the COMLEX and the start of rotations to go on a vacation though - it's my only vacation, I should try to do something!

The unfortunate thing about Touro University is they do not let us finish school very early. We are in actual classes up to April/May, many mandatory, while other schools have already finished second year to give students time to study for boards! No wonder Touro students perform more poorly on boards. It's hard to keep up with boards and classes at the same time. Luckily a lot of the boards review is starting to overlap with what we are currently studying, so hopefully that'll help out a bit.

I also had an interesting extra-clinical experience - we are required to do a visit and then 6 month follow-up with a geriatric patient at a nearby retirement community. When I went to visit, it so happened that my patient had fallen in a parking lot that day and did not feel up to visiting the clinic, so the head nurse told me to make a house call. In a way, it's kind of ironic that my first "house call," once a traditional type of doctor visit, is probably the only one I shall make in my career. It was a little awkward, but kind of cool to examine a patient with an acute injury in the comfort of her home (in case you were concerned, she was barely injured - extremely lucky considering she is an 83 year old female with history of osteoporosis and is on anti-coagulation medications - she could have easily broken her hip, leg, or wrist, or ended up bleeding a ton).

On another "fun" note, we get to do rectal, breast, and vaginal exams on paid "patients" this week...not particularly looking forward to it, but at least I have experienced all three, so it's not an entirely foreign concept. We are getting into the genitourinary and pediatrics sections now so ... time to race to the finish line. I still have some fun stuff planned - next week double date to Sattui Winery for complimentary tastings, thanks to being wine club members. Anyhow, back to boards review...