Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spring Semester and Boards

Well, just finished the 3rd week of Spring Semester - this unit is gastrointestinal, endocrine, reproductive, and dermatology - or GERD. Just signed up for our "Project Prepare" time slots, where we get to practice breast, prostate, and vaginal exams on hired "actors". We always kind of wonder what kind of people choose to do this sort of work, but hey, in this economy, why wouldn't they?

At any rate, the first week we covered mostly dermatology, and the second and third weeks have been focused on the endocrine system (so the pituitary, adrenal glands, pancreas, etc.). I am also getting geared up with my boards review program. I am taking Boards Bootcamp, where we get video lectures, as well as a study plan in the mean time. Near the end of the program we attend some live lectures locally. We got a super discount because at first we committed to the comprehensive program which was supposed to have weekly live lectures and cost 1700 or so, but we were going to get it for about 1300, then when we didn't get the minimum number of students to sign up, they upgraded those who did sign up to the elite program which normally costs 2200 (but we still only paid 1300). It's a lot to work on, but frankly I enjoy studying for boards more than Touro material - it just feels like it's better organized and more relevant. Anyway, I devote my Sundays to studying Boards material - works out well because my boyfriend works essentially all day on Sunday, and Monday-Thursday, so I don't feel like I'm neglecting him too much.

I have been managing to have a little fun on the side - spending time with my boyfriend, hosting a New Year's Party, heading out to a brewery here and there, a movie or two, played nearly all the way through Fallout: New Vegas. Even trying my hand at some new dinner recipes. Now I just have to re-incorporate an exercise regimen...

Oh, I also got all two of my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago - first time going under anesthesia. But there was barely any after-effect and I'm recovering quite quickly. It sucks not being able to eat much solid food, but because I only had wisdom teeth on my left side, I can still chew a little bit on my right without disturbing my stitches. The whole procedure was only about 25 minutes, I was surprised.