Thursday, December 13, 2012

Interviews: Done

Well, all is complete.  Finished all my interviews, am one week into vacation, and it has been a busy vacation indeed!  After getting my thank you notes all figured out, had a weekend in Monterey to take care of wedding vendor business (Florist, Cake, and Hair/Makeup).  We also have a guest for the month, and another guest coming next week.  It's nice to be busy with only fun things.  Ordered the Save-the-Dates, got the guest list finalized... just riding out the end of the month.  Things are pretty much going awesome, and I feel very confident that I will match at my top choice, and if not then my second choice, both in Sacramento.  I doubt Davis will rank me particularly high, and after that one then Redding and Modesto are perfectly feasible options.  

Not too sure what else to update - I feel very fortunate compared to some of my classmates.  I know what I want, I'm competitive in the field that I want, I'm compatible with the field I want...  Compared to others who don't know what they want or aren't competitive for what they think they want.  I'll probably hold off on any more updates to this blog until I start my Neurology rotation in January, and then the Emergency Department rotation mid-January.