Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fourth Week In...

Posting has been lacking due to the insane amount of stuff I have been up to - being a second year is no simple matter. Nor is moving. Anyhow, I am finally settled in the new place - which has a gorgeous view and is pretty darn spacious and awesome - because it is "technically" within Vallejo's city limits, it makes the property values a lot lower, so the rent is surprisingly affordable.

The start of this year has been centered on Neurohistology, Psychiatry, Cranial OMM stuff, and learning how to do more focused Physical Exams. We will be also doing an extra clinical experience at a retirement home to learn more about geriatrics and the problems that face that particular demographic. Neurophysiology is very detailed, so that has been taking up most of my time. Money is also super tight. However, our living area is great, my friends are close enough for us to visit regularly and for us to host things every so often, and school is closer, and I have a lot of time to study in the evenings. Not to mention the occasional social events like LAN parties or themed parties. Still have time to do a half-hour or hour of games a day - I need a nice way to de-stress, and the latest one, plants vs zombies, can be played with just a mouse, leaving my other hand free.