Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Match Day: Redding

Well, the results are in and my match is Redding - specifically the new Shasta Community Health Center program for Family Medicine up in Redding, which shares its first year training curriculum with the Redding Family Medicine program.  Basically I am looking at 3 years of training and I should get a well-rounded family medicine education, considering the community-based nature of the program and the resources available.  

What this means is that now my fiance and I must change our current living arrangement - while we had really hoped to stay in the Sacramento area, in many ways Redding may be a better fit for me.  It emphasizes clinical medicine more than one of the Sacramento programs, UC Davis definitely wasn't a real "fit" for me, and the other Sacramento program would have been a close tie with Redding.  However, the fact that the Shasta program wants me makes them all the more desirable.  Currently we are looking for two bedroom/two bath cat-friendly places in Redding, and tomorrow will investigate a one bedroom/one bath place in Davis.  Hopefully schedules will work out so we can spend maximum amount of time with each other.  The other two residents in my program so far (they are still interviewing for a second PGY-2 spot) are both married with children, as are most of the previous years' Redding residents, which hopefully will foster a supportive environment for married individuals.  

I am starting to get excited about checking out the Redding area - see what the local area has in store for us. Our current landlord let us out of our lease agreement, since we signed without knowing we would be moving.  Didn't even charge us for backing out of the lease, which I definitely appreciated.  Hopefully we can sign a lease tomorrow and get that element squared away.  Heading to Monterey for a bit then going to start an Allergy/Immunology rotation.