Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Classes Overload

Well, looks like classes are going to be pretty hectic - our class schedule has been put up and good grief, it's going to be intense. We spend two weeks on metabolic biochemistry and organic chemistry - the equivalent of which I spent at least a year on at UCSD. We do spend a significant amount of time on embryology, to my surprise - I wasn't expecting it to be such a major class. Then there's the OMM stuff, tons of miscellaneous "how to be a doctor" classes, etc. But it looks seriously intense - check it out. I am going to spend so much time reading. I wish they would hurry up and post the information about my class statistics - I'm curious how we measure up to the freshmen classes of earlier years.

In other news, this will be my last week in San Diego - I drive for Norcal on Sunday morning. Tomorrow I get to go to my physical, which will be evaluated by a TUCOM-CA graduate, coincidentally enough. So once I get her to sign the papers saying I'm in tip-top condition, I can mail those off and soon be enrolled in the student health insurance program. Hooray for cheaper copays! Anthem SmartSense pays for squat. Friday is my aunt's birthday, so I'll be taking her out to CPK for lunch, and between now and when I leave, Kit and I will celebrate our 3-year anniversary. Technically the day is on August 8th, but I shall be up north and he'll still be down here, so I'd rather celebrate while we're still together and before the stress of school attacks.

In miscellaneous news, here are two interesting medical procedures I'm getting done: Probably LASIK, and on the 27th is my third treatment of skin laser stuff; the correct term is photodynamic therapy. LASIK is pretty simple - They reshape my cornea with a laser and tada! After I heal I can see without artificial lenses. The photodynamic therapy has light (preferably blue light) bombard my skin after it's been chemically treated in order to reduce pore sizes, redness, and acne causing bacteria. So far I've had two sessions and my skin is starting to look better. Well, I've gone a whole week without an acne-related skin breakout - so I'd call that progress. Not that I had bad acne to begin with, but it's not pretty and I'm glad my mom is sponsoring my treatment - a late graduation gift.

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