Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Supplies

Today I went to the UCSD bookstore to determine my white coat size - I figured they would have the same size scale and similar styles. Sure enough, they had the same sizes as the ones Touro plans to order, so I ended up deciding on medium 10 - the 8 and 10 had the same sleeve length, but the 10 was more comfy, so I went with that one. I didn't buy the coat, since Touro is purchasing them with our names for the ceremony, but I did buy two new pairs of scrubs. One is the color of JD and Elliot's below, the other is navy blue like the one I already have. I could have just bought one pair, but my old pair I ordered online for cheap and it ended up being a bit too the material of the ones at UCSD felt nicer and I wanted a couple NICE scrubs. Speaking of scrubs, I hear the show has continued after that hiatus due to the writers striking...but I have since moved onto HOUSE.

Other supplies we need to get before anatomy lab include non-latex gloves (or at least powderless) and it's optional to get eye goggles. I doubt I'll get the goggles... They're going to provide us with our own anatomy dissection kits and there will be representatives on campus to give us deals on stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and whatever other gadgets I'll be needing. I'm also all registered and about to send off a few more forms. When I go back home, I should have about 20 packages in my room waiting to be opened - all textbooks of course. It'll be like Christmas! For the time being everything is going on my credit card until Wells Fargo disburses my loan money on the 22nd.

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