Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Orientation Day 3

Well, today was the last day of orientation. Perhaps it felt less exhausting because I was not overstretching myself to be social. We were given several lectures describing how to get the most out of our education, introducing the faculty, and outlining the classes we are taking: Osteopathic Doctoring, Fundamentals of Osteopathic Medicine, and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I also got to meet my faculty adviser today - who happens to be a teacher for the Osteopathic Doctor classes. He's really cool - I think I lucked out as far as advisers go.

I got a lot of busywork done today - I called the doctor to make sure she sends in that form for student health, I turned in the form for medical equipment, I got a suitable sports bra and exercise clothing, and a notebook. I hit a road bump in that the old Longs Drugs is being converted into a CVS/Pharmacy, so it has almost nothing stocked as it prepares to remodel. I still need a day planner, pencil lead, a click eraser, and some new pens (ballpoint and uni-ball). I also started listening to the Japanese lessons, which is very enjoyable - I don't miss music too much since I'd kinda overplayed everything in my stereo. I'll save all the new stuff for exercising. I'm debating whether to get a 24-hour Fitness membership or to make do with the on-campus mini-gym. I have all this loan money, and being half-naked in OMM classes makes me want to get in shape!

Tomorrow's the first official day of classes, so I have to do some readings, print stuff out, all that good stuff. I'm looking forward to getting into the classwork - I feel like I'm ready to get going! Before all that, first things first: gotta label all those insects from SD! Also, I'll take some pictures of the campus and post those!


  1. Woah woah woah...half naked?!? I do not approve!

  2. Haha, essentially sufficiently short shorts and a minimal sports bra.