Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fruits of my Labors

I felt so much more prepared for anatomy lab today after all that COA cramming. I'm sure it would be easier if I had been exposed to anatomy before this, but the last time I studied muscles was my middle school's health education segment of PE. Also, they gave us more guidance about what to do today, which I felt they should have done the previous day too. It's interesting, by the time you've worked through a lot of the fat, your hands are covered in slick yellowish oil, since the fat has essentially liquefied a bit. I am in the A group, and we lucked out in that we do not start more than one new unit each day - tomorrow we start embryology, and on Friday we start histology lab. As a result, we have sufficient time to get used to embryology before we have histology. For the time being this is my new favorite book...

I also signed up for some electives - there are a few decent ones to choose from. I was tempted to take medical biochemistry, since it goes into laboratory tests, but it is a two unit class and I really wanted to take advanced nutrition and medical spanish (each worth one unit). In the spring it'll be more medical spanish and global heath care. I'm looking forward to doing more OMM tomorrow - it's great to have pseudo-patient encounters, even if they are our classmates. Speaking of osteopathy, we had another one of the "pep-talk" type lectures today where we are told what is so unique about osteopathy, how it is a philosophy that will change our lives, how important it is that we're becoming doctors, etc. I wonder if MD students get similar pep talk classes? I was considering taking pictures of the campus today, but reconsidered. I think there are sufficient pictures on the website if anyone wants to browse through them.

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