Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More OMM and BLS

Today was my appointed 'basic life saving' skills course time. So, I got to spend a super fun 5 hours or so learning CPR... I wish they didn't have to train people in it every two years - maybe every five unless some drastic change is made to the procedure. We also got to do more OMM today - basically just palpated our randomly assigned partner on the back, neck, chest, hips, and legs. Tomorrow should be a decently easy day, since the only other course besides embryology is "Stress Management." I think I'm doing pretty well, to be honest - I seem to be more on top of reading than the average person here. It probably helps to have come almost straight from college.

We were assigned to watch a movie for one of the osteopathic classes - "The Doctor." I haven't watched it yet, but it'll be nice to watch in some down time. Other than True Blood, House MD, and a couple animes, I don't have much on my list to watch. I've been relying on caffeine a lot these days... One thing recommended by other students is to follow along in the USMLE First Aid as we go through certain topics in class, so that we know to what we should pay attention. Our embryology professor also mentioned that we don't need to memorize stages, that it's more important to understand disease and treatments. I don't know that I trust that though - I would want my doctor to remember how a zygote or embryo differentiates. Maybe I just hold myself to a higher standard than the boards. I find that unlikely. After a few more minutes of relaxing, it's back to the books!

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