Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Orientation Day 2

Hello all - today is much easier to get through. Somehow, it has felt more interesting as well. The day started off much like yesterday, with breakfast and a nice heartfelt speech, this time from the dean, about how great it is we're going to be doctors. After that, we had representatives from OPSC (Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California) tell us about their group. I'm planning on joining - we need to support our advocacy groups! We then had someone speak to us about student health services.

At that point we broke into groups and I got my checks from the financial aid office (approximately $9,000 was left after everything). About $2,100 of that will be going toward my LASIK on October 2nd at 9:00am - I just confirmed the appointment, I can't forget the time! Then I checked in with the student health services, I got my photo ID, and ensured my laptop is compatible with the network. Now I've finished eating at the COM/COP barbeque and the last things on the agenda are voting for student government representatives and a possible tour of the campus.

I still need to get some gym clothing...and apparently we already have homework but I'll worry about that later. We get out after the elections, so I'll be home at least by 3:00pm. I've been taking Excedrines all day so I'm not nearly as exhausted. I also need to label the insects, so I better take care of that before school starts, or I never will!

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