Monday, August 31, 2009

First test: Pass!

First test went pretty well - certainly passed. Studied all weekend. I have a better study method now, so hopefully next time the cramming won't be quite so intense. I'm finally able to relax...a tad. Tomorrow I have a mini-practical in OMM, so I have to review those techniques, practice on my family, and then hopefully do a decent job tomorrow. The techniques we have learned so far are soft tissue techniques, inhibition mostly.

In addition to the midterm today, we also had several lectures. The woman who taught our neurohistology course was one of the two faculty who interviewed me, and she is definitely a cool lady. The other professor is one of the jolly OMM doctors. I think I really lucked out on my faculty interviewers - neither of them was much of a hardball.

Also, we had a lecture on lymphatics today, and there were a few interesting factoids presented. The one that caught my eye the most was the statistic that ~20 million people in the US caught the Spanish Flu, and of them 500,000 died. ~100,000 were treated by DOs with a mortality rate of 0.25%, whereas the portion treated by MDs had a 6% mortality rate. I think it probably had most to do with the fact that MDs were probably experimenting with a ton of medicines to try to determine their efficacy - not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it was unfortunate for those who were given dangerous medicine, but there was so much quacky medicine out in the early days of the profession that it had to be ruled out somehow. DOs probably stuck with lymph-facilitating techniques, which at worst are harmless and at best a catalyst for recovery.

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