Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another test down the hatch

Today was the practical for OMM techniques - mostly soft-tissue type techniques. I managed to do the technique satisfactorily as well as diagnose where treatment was needed - the latter part was not necessary, but kinda looked good at least. We also had a lecture on membrane potential, which I personally think was really helter-skelter and poorly explained. Maybe I've just learned about membrane and action potentials a lot, but I feel like the professor had really poor diagrams and was not getting the message across effectively.

At any rate, I really cannot wait until Friday - we get a three day weekend on account of Labor Day, I'm getting my 4th face treatment, and Kit's coming up to visit. This week we are essentially learning the basics of neural biology and learning a little more about surface anatomy. We do get to look at nerves in histology, which should be interesting. I really should study some more for the block exams that are coming up - September 14-18.

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