Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tests again...

Just when the Mid-Blocks finish, the week after the next it is time for the 1st true Block exam. Thanks to my more efficient note-taking strategy, I feel less stressed about it at least. And I have a 3-day weekend visit down to San Diego to look forward to when it is finished, but I feel like I need to step up a gear or two. The last two weeks we've been focusing on the nervous system and genetics - both pretty familiar to me. The osteopathic doctoring stuff and OMM questions will be the challenging ones - there is a lot of terminology that I haven't forced myself to learn yet. Also the anatomy lab will probably be a challenge.

Today in our team-based learning groups, we had a session on the autonomic nervous system, and the detail we were expected to know seemed much more sufficient, but the reading material we were given as prep was sorely lacking, in my opinion. As far as clarity and ease of was just not very good. I need to look through my old UCSD textbooks to see better discussions of the nervous system. I hate to make any negative comparisons, but I definitely appreciate the caliber of my science lectures at UCSD more now that I have seen another school's. It's not just the faculty, I think there are some really smart faculty here, it's just the presentation, the accompanying texts, the organization, and the powerpoints that seem to be lacking. Course, the school is a lot newer, with many new faculty, and UCSD WAS recently ranked #2 university by the Washington Monthly magazine, so it's not a fair comparison.

Anyhow, this weekend will be a lot of studying - good old-fashioned writing stuff down and trying to put it into memory, rather than my last bout of studying where I was frantically typing up answers to questions and hoping I would remember the answers 60 pages of typing later.

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