Friday, September 11, 2009

Blocks coming up...

Here I go off studying again - after which I fly down to San Diego for the weekend and then come back for Pharmacology. On the plus side, we should all be getting our medical equipment soon, so we will start learning how to use all the common doctor tools! In the meantime though, it's study study study! I'll have to corner my parents at some point this weekend and do all the techniques on them. I'll have a checklist and practice them all!

A friend of mine also made a program that I can load with a word bank to self quiz - I'll probably make a few versions of it - one that quizzes on anatomical stuff, another for actual disease names, etc. I'll also probably distribute it to my classmates, see if any of them would like to try it out. So...self-quizzing and practice quizzes; drawing out the muscles, landmarks, and the nervous system; reviewing histology slides; and practicing OMM seem like a decent way to study for this thing. So, until further notice, I am locked in my room studying with my study buddy:

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