Thursday, September 17, 2009


Man, such a week. On the plus side, I keep overestimating how difficult all the tests will be. I suppose I should be glad they don't want to torture and weed us out - they do need our money, after all. Just came out of my FOOM exam about... 2 hours ago. I took my time, and out of 64 questions I think I missed 4 (after careful review and conferring with others). I really wish the FOOM and anatomy practical exam were not so spaced apart was scheduled to end at 10 and my anatomy exam time, the earliest of the 3 times, is not until 1pm. I live too far away for it to be worth driving home, so I'm just hanging out at school.

In about 20 minutes or so I'll start cramming for the anatomy exam - there's a list of 30 or 40 things we need to be able to recognize - shouldn't be too hard. Between 12 and 1 I get to pick up a parking decal, so I won't get ticketed in the future. After my exam, I get to pick up my medical equipment - that is going to be cool. If I had more energy, or were staying home this weekend and not going to San Diego, I would totally play with all these things and look in/at my family's ears, noses, eyes, hearts, valves, and lungs. When you get the stethoscope, you know you're on track to be a doctor.

Anyway, this weekend shall be fun and relaxation. Then I can look forward to my 5th and final face treatment on Friday, my pre-op appointment for LASIK on the following Monday, and my actual LASIK surgery on the Friday after that. That weekend I go to see Wicked with the family, and then on the 5th I'm off to San Diego again, but for a week! Good times ahead.

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