Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting in the Grooooove

Today was quite productive - I turned in this autonomic read-and-answer-Q's packet, filled in and turned in the "Meditation" sheet, attended my classes very attentively, worked on my objectives, and talked to classmates and professors a decent amount. The meditation sheet was an assignment from our "Managing Stress" class, designed to keep medical students from freaking out or dropping out or going postal. I just put lying with my kitty on my chest - she purrs so nicely! She even massages me half the time.

Anyhoo, I'm renewing my studying zeal - finding a new way to focus, study, attend lecture, etc. It's working out pretty well so far - it's even helping in my absorption of my Japanese audio lessons. Say what you will, but I think I'm decently proficient now - Japanese is pretty easy anyway, since the language is so vague you can get by without knowing much vocabulary. It's the writing system that'll take me a while to get used to...

Now for some good old studying! Again! Kit comes down this weekend, and after next week is the first block exam, including an anatomy and OMM practical.

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