Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good News

One of the programs offered at Touro, and many other medical schools, is the opportunity to go abroad and learn about foreign cultures, diseases, languages, and train as a physician. It was described vaguely by one of the directors of the Global Health Program, and it sounded like it would be the entire summer - two months or so. Anyhow, I met up today with a second year who I knew back in high school and she and her roommate both did the program and their internships only lasted 3-4 weeks - which is much more conducive to my particular goals. Also, they said the medical spanish program does not require very much fluency, so once I take that and the global health elective in spring, I should be all set! Hopefully I will have worked through most of my spanish audio lessons by then, so I'll be prepared! I'm excited, hopefully it'll all work out! I should bring some jars with me...I'll bet the insects there will be amazing.

Today we also had a stress management course, which seemed to try to prepare us to expect and prepare for the worst. I think I'm a little better off than some other students, who are either living by themselves or have families, and those who are type A individuals. I am definitely not a perfectionist, and in medical school it sounds like perfectionism is a bit of a curse. Anyway, I did not get much studying done last night, so hopefully I'll be more productive tonight. Plus, tomorrow we start Histology, which I'm worried will be a bit challenging.

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