Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zoster Presentation

Well today was my presentation, and it went pretty well.  My previous preceptor told me just beforehand that we had a really good turnout, that usually not many doctors don't come to the student lectures, and both my preceptors (last one and current one) were sitting to my right as I went through the slides.  I got maybe 2-3 questions, 1-2 comments, and my preceptors chimed in when I was asked questions that I couldn't answer, so it was nice having backup.  Also there were three fellow students in the audience, so that was nice.  Afterwards I got a lot of compliments from them, my preceptors, and the doctor I was with that afternoon - that she learned a lot and that it looked like I had put a lot of time and research into it.  

Didn't see too many interesting patients today, as it was a slightly later start and I had my presentation.  In the latter half, the doctor I was with today went in with me to see a diabetes patient, and she was kind of stressed because she was getting behind and so she was lapsing into a lot of doctor speak that I had to explain to the patients.  I felt kind of bad because it seemed like the doctor and the patients were both having a lot of trouble getting their points across.  The doctor was talking too fast and repeating herself a lot, and not answering the questions as the patients intended (as in they would ask something and the doctor would think they were asking something else and answer that other thing).  I think I am pretty good at speaking with patients, and my last couple preceptors were pretty good too, so it's interesting to see when a doctor has some trouble.

After that, ran off to didactics to see a student lecture on coronary artery disease.  Also handed in the cover letter for my previous preceptor to write a recommendation.

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