Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of FM2

Since I have been with this doctor before, there is not too much more to report.  He's a friendly guy, very open to discussing cases and instructing.  We saw a lot of patients today, and it seems like he takes a while with them so I have a feeling we will be running late a lot of the time.  Of notable cases, there was a patient with cerebral palsy since he was an infant in for trigger point injections, and a 3 year old boy with recurrent episodes of croup, which had been diagnosed as asthma - it is likely some kind of structural problem so we referred him to a specialist.  

In other news, I am still working on my herpes zoster presentation - I just need to hammer out the details, it is essentially organized, and provided that my preceptor approves, it will work out pretty well.  There are also online cases to do, quizzes, and plenty of studying - I have to take my family medicine end-of-rotation exam in 4 weeks.  Not looking forward to it.  

Thursday I will be going to a regional conference in Vallejo (the first 2 hours of it) with my preceptor, there are some lectures on chronic pain management and migraines, so that should be interesting.  On Friday I will be assisting him after work at a high school football game.  Managing to fit in exercise in my schedule is still a challenge - at least I'm eating healthy.  The weekends feel much shorter.

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