Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nearly Done - 1st Week FM2

Well, almost done with the week - we've seen a lot of different things - it's hard to remember them all.  I heard an abnormal heart rhythm, saw a lot of upper respiratory problems and rashes, and there have been a fair few things that my preceptor(s) haven't been 100% sure about.  There was a meeting today about some things going on in the departments, such as needing to hire more people, and how to prepare for the CNA (California Nurses Association) sympathy strike on Thursday.  They're providing food for staff so they don't have to cross picket lines, on the off-chance that they protest at our clinic (unlikely).  

Went over my powerpoint a bit with my preceptor, and we decided to re-do the case a bit and use vignettes instead of a specific case because the original case was a bit complicated and might bog down my presentation.  Tomorrow going to help out at a high school football game - hearing about the kinds of injuries young athletes suffer makes me never want to let my kids play sports like football or cheerleading.  Falls where they break their necks, or collisions that cause brain bleeds and repeated concussions.... no thanks.  It is doubtful I will have kids interested in football though, since they will not grow up with it and their parents certainly will not encourage it.  

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