Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 1 FM 2 Complete

Next week has a fair amount in store - on Tuesday I have to do a lunch time presentation about Herpes Zoster to the whole family medicine department at Napa Kaiser.  Yeah, a tad nerve wracking, but hopefully will go okay.  They know I'm a student so they probably expect it to have some flaws.  I mostly am nervous about their questions.  Finished the PowerPoint, now working on a handout.  Plan to practice the presentation at some point this weekend, and of course read over it a billion times.

Last night attended a high school football game with my preceptor - saw some muscle spasms and a kid with a possible nerve root impingement that was causing his upper arm muscles to be weak.  The kid thought it was kinda funny, but of course, meant he couldn't play the rest of the game.  Didn't see any particularly bad accidents, but it was a good time to relax with my preceptor and hang out.  He really has a "dad" feel to him - he's 62 and pretty laid back.  He has a daughter who is a fourth year in medical school, so I think he transfers a bit of that to students he has now.  He also said that I've been doing very well and he sees me being a great family physician.  Most of all, I'm relieved that all these doctors who have been teaching students for a while don't have that stressed-out mean attitude I remember from horror stories people tell and Scrubs.  I should re-watch some of's a lot more relevant now that I'm doing rotations.  

Next week we will also be doing a couple home visits and maybe a nursing home visit.  We saw this poor man and his family come in - the guy had several melanoma metastases to his brain, and essentially a terminal diagnosis.  The discussion was about arranging hospice care.  Rather depressing.  There is also a class or two happening next week that I will attend.  

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