Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Translations and Presentations

Today felt rather long, but it was generally busy at least.  Didn't see too many patients in the morning, but the afternoon was packed.  One patient in the afternoon who came in had suffered a fall in a Target store and she and her husband/boyfriend were there - both were Spanish speaking.  Since the doctor I was with today spoke a modest amount of Spanish I spent a lot of time translating, which was interesting and my head and tongue hurt by the end of the session.  I don't know if it's because it is tiring making your mouth say different accents back and forth, or if it's just because I don't use Spanish all that often but it was a good practice session.  By the end, the patient and her companion were both very thankful I was there and were glad to have gotten so much attention at last - she had a multitude of problems, like herniated disks, possibly a broken rib, neuropathies.  

Also, I discussed my Case Presentation project with my preceptor - during the family medicine rotations, we are to do a presentation on a patient/topic and present it to all the doctors in the family medicine department - it has to be 45 minutes long, powerpoint presentation, with a handout or two.  I attended our didactic lectures yesterday and that was a reminder that I have two-20 minute presentations through Touro that I need to do for my fellow students, and get feedback.  I'm of course more nervous about the 45 minute one where lots of doctors will be asking me questions and critiquing me, versus the positive feedback/nice constructive criticism of an audience that is mostly people from my class.  And unfortunately the 45 minute presentation is the first one I have to do, so I don't even get to warm up with the 20 minute ones.  Buuuut - that's not until the third week of September, so I have some time.  I am going to come up with the powerpoint this weekend though and have my preceptor go over it.  

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