Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Week of FM

Today I was supposed to be with this one doctor, but ended up getting sent to a different one who kind of reminds me of George Washington Carver - skinny black guy with the same haircut and mustache.  Anyhow, he was nice but he did not seem to interested in any of the patients he saw - maybe he is just jaded or tired or not happy to be back after a weekend but he looked kind of blase or worn out.  We saw a couple elderly patients with mild dementia - kind of a harrowing feeling, hoping that your parents or yourself won't end up in that situation.  

After that in the morning, I had my lunch but decided the two recipes I had experimented with for my week's cuisine were both rather unappealing.  I'll modify them tomorrow after my half-day so that I can still make some use of the ingredients.  The cucumber soup is mostly unsalvageable but the root veggies I think I can turn into something edible.  In the afternoon today I was back with my main preceptor, and we saw a few interesting cases - a girl for acne, a woman with possible prodrome phase of herpes zoster, and a couple people with gastroenteritis (one Spanish-speaking).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get a stomach virus - I can't remember the last time I had a really bad gastrointestinal illness, and I'm hoping it won't be for a while yet.  I've been taking probiotics daily so I should be covered as far as bacteria, but viruses?  I don't know if probiotics help with that at all...  

Tomorrow I am back with the sports medicine doctor who is associate dean of clinical education.  I need to show him a SOAP note of an interesting patient we saw on Thursday, who had a dorsal expansion hood rupture on her second digit knuckle.  It's only a half day so hopefully I'll be able to get home, make some food, and get some decent studying done.  Waking up so early is killing me, hopefully I can get through tomorrow.  

Also, there is a family medicine conference in LA that I may go to on October 15 and 16 - all the residency programs in California for family medicine should be there, and it would be an opportunity to visit a friend of mine and my boyfriend's, and my boyfriend's family.  It would only be for a weekend and we would drive down there, but I think it would work out.  Just have to sign up.

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