Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last Day of Surgery

Friday was my last day doing general surgery - we started out that morning at 8:30am with a patient with swelling of the left leg of unknown etiology - they had already ruled out DVT, osteomyelitis, and had essentially ruled out infectious agent, since there was no gas visible on any of the X-rays, and there was no surface involvement.  When we went in to get a muscle biopsy, his leg fat was swollen with fluid, just watery fluid - so there's a chance it was severe lymphedema or venous stasis due to CHF or another underlying problem.

Anyhow, I got to stitch that guy up and then ran off to find the doctor at his clinic, where we saw a few clinic patients, I helped dress some wounds, etc.  At the end he met with me to discuss my review, which consisted of him mostly asking me questions about how I liked the rotation.  He also asked me to grade myself, and I was a little on the humble side, so he gave me a little talk about not selling myself short and to focus more on selling myself and recognizing where I am doing well - especially for residency applications.  But other than that, he said I have done very well and that if I continue to perform like this in my later rotations, I will be successful.  

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