Monday, August 8, 2011

Starting the Last Week

Well, after a nice weekend with friends, boyfriend and family, time to get back to work. Today I helped drain a cyst, and dress a wound, as well as finishing up the suturing on a VAP placement. It worked out pretty well, the suturing looked good, and the doctor seemed to be in a decent mood. Got out at a decent time, but ended up having to take the car into the shop. I have a rental at the moment, which is kind of a hassle, but at least it's getting stuff fixed and I'm getting a detail, so it should be nice and pretty when it gets back.

Later this week there are a few other surgeries, nothing particularly radical, but it looks like a nice load, nothing too stressful. On Thursday a mutual friend is coming to stay with me and my boyfriend for a bit and there should be some nice social fun going on this coming weekend. Next week on Monday I start my Family Medicine rotation at Kaiser Permanente - here's hoping it works out all right.

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