Friday, December 11, 2009

Hooray for Eyes

Here's the latest from Dr. Auker. I can now stop putting the Vigamox (the antibiotic) into my eyes! I still have to do the Vexol for another two weeks, but only twice a day, down from four. He did seem concerned that my eyes were rather dry, but my eyes have been dry before I got the surgery, so I know it's not associated with LASIK. After years of contacts, I'm not a very good judge of when my eyes are dry, so I probably wasn't putting the moisture drops in regularly enough. He put tear duct plugs in each eye, so that it will slow the drainage of my eye/lacrimal fluid. He also gave me more moisture drops - I was running low. The girl who got the low down from me before Dr. Auker came in checked my eyes again and I'm still seeing better than 20/20 - I am able to see 20/15 in both eyes, but it's slightly more difficult in my left, so my right may be slightly better than 20/15.

In other news, after dressing up "professionally" and wearing a white coat with a patient again, my mind is drifting to my dearth of decent clothing. I have no nice suits beyond the suit I bought for interviewing, I have no professional tops except a single blue blouse, and the only dress shoes I have are heels and uncomfortable. I wore tennis shoes to the patient encounter because a lot of the doctors I've shadowed wear tennis/sports shoes and it is only logical - if you're on your feet all day, you need durable, comfortable shoes, not ones that are just for show. I should probably invest in two pairs of "professional tennis shoes" - a white and a black pair. Ones that look like professional shoes but are actually really comfortable. But then there's the issue of body fluids getting on my nice shoes during rotations and residency...oh the scutwork shall be wonderful. Either way, no one commented on my wearing tennis shoes, though I think I was the only one in my group who did. I am painfully wardrobe-challenged.

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