Thursday, February 12, 2009

The End of Interviews

At long last, the application process is essentially over. My last interview was today at Western U. The day started off badly with nightmares of being late to the interview and getting a parking ticket...but after that the day went pretty smoothly. One of my interviewers had a real poker face too, and made it a bit tough to know whether I did well in the interview or not. I now know he is a department chairman for pathology, so I have a feeling he is one of the committee members... I didn't have any real stumping questions and they didn't grill me, so I think the pressure was just in not being able to read their reactions to me. At any rate, I really like Western U most of all the schools and hopefully I will matriculate there.

Some other tidbits - they have a strong emphasis on medical Spanish, because of the veterinary school and Banfield on campus we get a lot of vet discounts (good for me since I have a kitty), the boards scores are impressive, there is a ton of clinical experience, and the campus is pretty nice. One of the other students there to interview surprised me a bit - he could not have looked more pissed off to be there. I do not know why he was acting the way he did, but his body language was almost flamboyant in its distaste for the school. He didn't speak to any of the other interviewees, he kept leaving the room during the current student Q&A, and I swear he was rolling his eyes during the OMM demonstration. Since he clearly couldn't hide how much he didn't want to go to Western U, I'm not worried about him getting my spot, haha. Also, the dean of admissions informed me, after the interview, that we are the last group to be receiving acceptance notices - after this point, they are interviewing people for the alternate list...but most of the people on the alternate list get into the school this year or next year at least.

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