Sunday, October 27, 2013

Night on Call

Well, here I am, another night in the hospital. I decided to plan ahead and took about an hour nap, maybe slightly longer, before coming to work at 7pm, and took a 100mg caffeine tablet. Just took my second 100mg tablet now, at 12:45am. I was anticipating it being a nonstop night, however everything is all organized now, did a vaginal delivery, my notes, etc. and now... just waiting for admits or for all hell to break loose. This is just a weekend call though, 7pm to 11am the next day (at most). OB and Pediatrics. This past week and this coming week I am on surgery. It's been a nice change of pace, and getting home at a more reasonable hour as well. My attending looks and sounds exactly like Hugh Laurie on House. It's rather uncanny. One of his patients even pulled me aside and asked, "Does Dr. so-and-so look like Dr. House to you?" I don't know if it's surgeons in general, but he also has a lot of interesting stories. My previous surgery rotations were also filled with story telling. I wonder if it's because sewing, cutting, spreading, etc. isn't super cerebral and you can just chat while doing it. I had my in-training exam last week - I kinda just rushed through it... I know I probably should have taken it more seriously but...meh. Just wasn't in the mood, and at this point I feel like either I know it or I don't. Well, next weekend I get both days off, yay! I'll be driving over to my parents for my dad and sister's birthday - should be fun! Anyhow... guess I'll go back to studying random stuff... what to study, what to study...

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