Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Starting on Obstetrics

Well, after having four nightmares in a row about starting Obstetrics and hearing horror stories about staying horribly late and being super busy and stressed all day charting, I wasn't expecting this OB rotation to be as enjoyable as it is.  It's fairly relaxed, the Attendings are nice, and the first day I got to deliver two babies in a row, delivery times were 11:44am and 12:07pm, and they were in rooms across the hall from each other!  Felt pretty exciting.  I also have all the notes I need to write prepared in templates, so I can get things written a lot faster.  Today I delivered another baby and the family wanted me to take a picture with them - it's definitely a different environment than Medicine or ICU.  

Vacation was great, though I was sick for the first few days - back to the grind.  The weather is getting cool and routine is returning after a lack of much of a schedule for two weeks.  A few things I still have to get around to are my loans, which will be due December 7th, and I need to schedule my Step 3 exam.  For now though, things are quite peachy.  After this, is Pediatrics.

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