Sunday, December 29, 2013

Half way through Intern Year

Well, I'm still here, still doing the doctor thing.  It's been exhausting of course, but still trying to find time to do fun stuff.  I'm about ready to make my New Year's resolution list, usually I choose 10 things, but that will go on the other blog.  Recently I've done more Obstetrics, Medicine, and Pediatrics.  A recent development in the last couple weeks - I had heard whispers that some of the second and third year residents were concerned about one of the first years' readiness for night float, where we are the only one on the service without a second or third year helping us.  As it turns out, they all met and discussed the readiness of the interns, and they decided to swap me into this intern's slot and rearrange things so that that intern would be going last, to allow more time to be ready.  It actually works out well for me because now I get to have my two weeks on Medicine at night right before my two week vacation, instead of right after.  Also is nice to know that the residents think I'm doing well. 

Coming up for me is a week on psych, so I should be able to get a little bit of a break before I start on night float.  There have been difficult patients, challenging patients, all that, but it's hard to know when something is interesting enough to report.  Seen a lot of drama in the hospitals, luckily I'm staying out of all that.  Anyhow, I'll try to think of something good to write about... just working and working and working for now!

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