Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Starting Infectious Disease

Well, I have started infectious disease - it mostly involves going around to patients with suspected infections and monitoring their antibiotic regimens, laboratory cultures, etc.  The doctor is very nice, he is fresh out of his fellowship so he's closer to my age I think.  We have another student joining us next week, and he's also lenient about me taking days off (specifically for a doctor's appointment and for driving down to LA for the California Academy of Family Practitioners conference).  I spend a lot of time learning bugs and antibiotics, which should be good stuff to know.

In the meantime, I'm checking out residency programs that are nearby - I emailed two of them.  One of them said they take both COMLEX and USMLE, no difference between them, they just want a good score, and they look for a two digit score of 80 or higher, and I'm over 80, so that's good.  Not MUCH over 80 but hopefully there won't be too much competition - that tends to play a big role.  I'm going to try emailing the students who matched there and see if they have any suggestions or are willing to share their scores.  Family medicine isn't as popular as other residencies so I'll have a better shot.

Also need to sign up for the physical exam portion of my step 2 exam.  

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