Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Medicine COMAT exam

Well I took the COMAT exam today for Family Medicine - three of my classmates didn't know the date had been changed so they were lucky I contacted one of them the night before.  Kinda funny.  Anyhow, took the exam - it was very consistent with what I had been learning - some of the questions may not have been written the best, but I think the USMLE questions will be more challenging.  I'll go through those on my question bank soon.  The exam took me about an hour and a half, we are given two hours.  Other people were staying longer but I think it is because they were Internal Medicine, and that exam is a bit harder than Family Medicine.  

I found some good online lectures to listen to for Family Medicine topics, and primary care topics in general.  Quite nice.  I have a little bit of relaxing in store this weekend, since I am now between rotations.  Tomorrow is my last day of Family Medicine, so I need to ask my preceptor about a recommendation.  He will almost certainly say yes.  


  1. I bet you did really well on your exam =)

  2. hey there! fellow OMS-III here....trying to find a way to study for the COMAT Family med exam....which online lectures did you listen to?

  3. Free to download =)