Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 1 Has Begun!

Well, Week 1 is well underway, starting the cardiovascular system. We opened up the thorax on Monday, peeled away the skin on the chest, saw the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, external intercostales, deltoid, subclavian muscle. Also the rib cage, the sternum, manubrium, clavicles, etc. I also dug around and found the subclavian vein, cephalic vein, axillary vein, axillary artery, and brachial plexus. Next we took out the ribs (bone saw) and observed the lungs, heart (still in pericardium), a bit of the trachea, etc. One of the other cadavers had severe lung cancer - he had bulges the size of golf balls on his lungs and the interior of his ribs were black on that side. There was also a male cadaver with breast cancer. On one of the cadavers I was able to see the right and left vagus nerves and the left phrenic nerve also.

I have been making good use of my new giant blackboard - as for OMM we have started the pelvic area, learning landmarks, anatomy, and lateralization tests. I'm glad I had a girl partner for the first one - I'd rather not feel stuff for the first time on a guy - least now I know what to look for and won't feel like I'm groping around their crotch and butt aimlessly. The science lectures are all about how the heart works, mostly action potentials right now - which I have learned multiple times - AP biology, then cognitive science 1, 10 and 11, then in some biochemistry classes as well, and now here. At least I have some fun stuff planned for the end of the week - a party and the shooting range. Seriously, medical school is way more fun than undergrad was! Oh, and also my disbursement check is ready at the financial aid office - I need to get it tomorrow and figure out my budget for the Bolivia trip - if I have some extra money, I may go to Convocation. If not...well, there's always next year.

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