Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Post-Mini CVRR Exam...

Well, since the last post, so much has been going on that I haven't had the right state of mind to study...what with the first week of school and seeing everyone, coming back from winter break, and having a party/Gala packed weekend. So, alas, my studying last week was essentially nonexistent and very little studying was accomplished when I visited Kit over the weekend, so I ended up doing an all-nighter last night and I am feeling the pain right now. Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up feeling more energized and be able to charge back into studying!

We've been getting into more detailed cardiovascular exams, dissecting the heart, learning about the heart and various ways of looking at circulation. We're starting the respiratory system now but I want to go back over the circulation stuff a bit since I feel like I probably missed some of the details during my rabid speed studying last night. Hopefully will be having some normal fun this weekend, make some headway on my studies, and feel all prepared for next week.

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