Thursday, January 7, 2010

Awesome Anatomy Lab!

Sometimes you have a really fun time learning things - when you get quality time with professors, they don't seem rushed, and you have prepared, you can get really involved in the active learning process. We had small groups today, and were examining the inner thorax, mediastinum, the lungs, and the heart. There are so many knowledgeable professors, it's great! Also, all the information was being absorbed in my head like a sponge, and becoming more cohesive.

Some of the highlights include finding essentially all of the key terms we needed, learning how to insert a tube through the rib cage to remove air or fluid, following the arteries and veins into and out of the heart, and getting information about x-ray films of the chest. This was quite a fun lab. It also helped my studying - I updated my whiteboard. I barely have any room left for tomorrow's material, or the heart stuff from today, but nothing we focused on today was particularly new. Unfortunately there were a lot of graphs, so I probably need to memorize and understand those...

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