Saturday, November 7, 2009

Block 2 Fundamentals - Done!

Well, I finished my Block 2 exam for FOOM, but I still have two written exams (Doctoring and OMM) and a practical OMM exam. I slept through my alarm on the morning of my Block 2 test, so I didn't have time to review virology, mycology, or pathology - if I had woken up early enough I probably would have reviewed material that would have given me 3 or 4 extra correct answers on the test. Either way, I don't think this exam will affect my percentages much...unfortunately. I'll just have to try a little harder this next block! Also I took a few pictures of the campus - it was a nice sunny day, so here they are:

In other news, my LASIK is finally scheduled for good - December 4th. After that - no more contacts! Hooray! Next week after the tests should be very nice - hopefully seeing a movie or two with a classmate, Kit's coming up to visit on Thursday, and I'll have a rather relaxed weekend. Next block we will be covering diseases of the immune system including HIV/AIDS, immunopharmacology, and blood.

I feel like I've been slacking off on the USMLE First Aid book - in the sense that I have not opened it yet. I haven't been using my books enough in general. This final third block I swear I will do all the assigned readings before the lectures! I double swear! And I will cut down on the Left 4 Dead playing a little. During weekdays. If I have to wake up early. And have a short day also. Maybe.

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  1. Yeah, you shouldn't cut down on L4D. Psh. Who DOESN'T love killing zombies?