Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back in the Swing

Well, after getting sick, dealing with the second midblock, and finally partying it up for Halloween, it is back to the grind. Lately we have been focusing on antibiotics, bacteria, etc. - which is fine by me, being interested in infectious disease. We are starting to get our clinical experiences set up - I've signed up for my first one for December 3rd. From what I hear, we get to take histories from actual patients!

Also I have touched base with a professor who is researching lysogenic bacteriophages in Salmonella, and will be starting a project to determine the actual contents of probiotics, and to determine a useful way of checking their claims. I always wondered how dry pills could contain as many active bacteria as they claim. So, either probiotics/supplements or bacteriophage research - both of which I find extremely interesting. She is also the same professor in charge of the Bolivia trip, so I have communicated to her my intent to go with them next summer. The only concern I have is that they are doing a lot of PCR and I have never actually done PCR, since in our class labs, the TAs always ran those. Not too worry - it can't take that long to learn how to do.

We have a string of exams coming up, which should be interesting. I'll be practicing OMM all next week. One of the great things about going to a DO school is that if you have a muscle/bone/joint problem, you can ask a professor to take a look, and within 5 minutes you can be feeling much better. I had some hyperextended ribs/vertebrae, and when I inhaled it compressed my nerves and sent joits around my ribcage - usually it happens transiently, but this time it stuck around the next two hours of class. I went to my adviser's office to see if he could spare a couple minutes, and when I left I was breathing painlessly - as well as having had my shoulders, neck, and arms aligned.

Also, for any possible MDs reading this, I would like to add that at Touro, our professors are very adamant about not demonizing MDs. One of our lead DO professors, every few lectures when he speaks about the development of the DO profession, always makes very clear that MDs and DOs each have their faults and that neither is wholly responsible for the clashes between the professions. I know at other DO schools there is a strong sense of rivalry, but I don't get that sense at Touro, for which I must applaud them.

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