Friday, October 12, 2012

Sub Internship - Week 3

Well, I know I haven't been updating much - it's been busy.  A lot of fun stuff going on - seeing all kinds of patients, getting to know the residents and faculty... it's really enjoyable.  I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed family medicine - there are so many things you get to do in family medicine that you can't do in other fields of medicine.  A day could involve diagnosing a patient with anorexia, managing a patient with depression, removing a sebaceous cyst, performing maneuvers to treat a patient's vertigo, putting a cast on a 10 year old boy, identifying a rash and prescribing antibiotics to prevent future heart complications, managing a patient with hypertension + diabetes + chronic kidney disease + depression + foot ulcers + macular degeneration, managing a patient with sinusitis, counseling a patient on weight loss, removing an ingrown toenail, identifying a urinary tract infection... and so on.

Essentially any medical problem a patient has, they go to you first.  So much fun.  I'm at the point where I know enough that sometimes it feels like I really have the answers.  There have been many encounters that would be blog-worthy in these past weeks, I just don't know where to start.  A woman at 37 weeks gestation who has gestational diabetes, who also just developed symptomatic gallstones, who has an OB/GYN physician who seems indifferent to the fact her pregnancy is one problem away from becoming an emergency surgery?  Breaking the news to a young skinny girl that she has dieted to the point that she isn't having periods and needs to gain more weight when that's the last thing she wants?  A man with crippling chronic pain from an accident years ago who is allergic to morphine?  

The residents have been great, the attendings have all been great, I feel like I fit in really well.  I love the area, the city, our new place.  I really hope I get into this program.  

Currently my tally is 8 interviews scheduled out of 11 programs I applied to.  I think I'll get an interview with Davis, and I am still hoping for at least one more interview offer.  I'm not holding my breath for one of the programs.  I'm kind of looking forward to interviews as well - two places are covering my lodging.  One of them is letting me stay with a resident, and another is paying for my hotel room.  Tomorrow hopefully I can relax a bit.  I need to get back on my exercise regimen but I strained my calf muscle two weeks ago and it still hurts really bad and I don't want to be impatient and hurt it even more.  After next week I start Pediatric Psychiatry - should be nice.

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