Monday, September 24, 2012

Sub-Internship Day 1

Things are going well so far - they have EPIC electronic medical records and I have full access, so I have started making my own note forms and am getting on great with everyone I've met.  To make things better, before the end of the day I had an interview request from Merced, called Salinas and confirmed my interview for end of November, and the coordinator I met this morning (at place I am currently doing my sub-internship) sent me an e-mail requesting/confirming an interview date!  So now I have two interviews scheduled, and two I'm waiting for official date scheduling, but 4/11 within 1 week of applying ain't bad!  

I also like my preceptor and hope to get along with everyone super well.  I'm just trying to remember to smile as much as humanly possible, without it looking inhuman.  They seem to think my patient presentations are pretty decent too, even though right now I feel like I'm so scatterbrained.  It's been a LONG time since I did any rotations in a clinic, so my outpatient presentation skills are really rusty.  Shouldn't be long before I'm back in the swing of things, but until then, it's a slightly rocky start.  I'm definitely glad I'd touched base with a couple current residents - it's nice to see familiar faces, who all seem encouraging. 

At any rate, I think I'm going to go and read up on some stuff I saw today and then do some pleasure-reading.  

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