Thursday, June 28, 2012

COMLEX Step 2 Written Exam - Attempt 1

So, yesterday I went to take my COMLEX Step 2 exam.  I felt pretty prepared, got through the first four sections without any real hangups.  Then came the after lunch portion.  When I returned, suddenly I only had 25 minutes left!  I was confused because the first section showed the cumulative time for all four sections at once, so at the beginning I had 3 hours 59 minutes, but then when I started section four of eight, I only had 25 minutes.  I thought maybe they just changed the format for some reason, rushed through as best I could, and the time ran out of course.  At that point, the entire test crashed.  When the Prometric called to see what was going on, the line was busy due to 'extremely high queue for service regarding the COMLEX' so... turns out the test crashed nationwide.  

The most annoying part was having to drive out there to take the test through rush hour traffic - took me almost an hour and a half.  On the plus side, I basically got a trial run of the actual COMLEX Step 2, so that was kinda nice.  I also get more study time.  No clue when I'll schedule the actual test, though.  I'd prefer to do it on a weekend, so maybe I can get next Sunday or something... if not, then who knows.  I also need to reschedule my USMLE - I wanted a full month to study for that between the two tests. 

That's the latest.  Next week I'm starting radiology for two weeks, it's supposed to be pretty relaxing.  After that is neurology.  Then ICU, which should be rigorous.  Then eventually moving to Davis, CA.

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