Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Psychiatry Week 1

This rotation is a breath of fresh air compared to the previous one.  First off, our preceptor is a nice middle-aged white chap who I have no trouble understanding and who likes to sit and chat about psychiatry.  Second, it is not a high-stress environment, despite being surrounded by many psychotic patients (in the medical sense). Third, I have a fellow classmate with me on the rotation, so we have each other to hang out with during lunch and on breaks.  The patients are all quite interesting, and we get off relatively early most of the days.  Also I get to wake up at 6:00-ish instead of 5:00-ish, like I did last time.  I still have a 1.5 hour drive each way, but again, plenty of lectures to watch on the way.  

Another nice thing about psychiatry, is I know a fair amount about the topic so it's less stressful, less pressure.  I have another week here, then the week after we have a week of mandatory lectures and sessions at the main campus that everyone in our class has to attend, so I will be making a much shorter commute each day.  The final week I have to fly out to Pennsylvania on Tuesday, take the physical examination portion of the boards on Wednesday, then I fly back on Thursday.  I am most looking forward to finding a really nice restaurant in the area and having a solo celebratory meal after the exam.  It will be an awesome feeling.  

Then the next big events will be the board exams.  

I also cancelled my family medicine rotation up at the hospital I was at previously for internal medicine - it was scheduled for mid-December to mid-January and I do NOT want to be doing a sub-internship with long hours at a program that I really do not want to get into (not the best environment, and word has it that it is a very weak program) and which would require long hours and that 1.5 hour drive.  During the holiday season.  It's not worth it.  I'll fill that time with another elective of some sort.  I should send some requests for those sorts of things now.

Off off and away!

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  1. Thanks, Rachael. So sorry about that drive - hope you can get something closer.