Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of Internal Medicine

It's a shame that I have to leave Internal Medicine right when it started getting enjoyable - mostly because of the preceptor.  I walked the team through a New England Journal of Medicine case and my preceptor and one of the interns commended me on my presentation of it.  My preceptor also seemed pretty impressed with my patient presentations, so that was reassuring.  I also started getting into the habit of picking up patients who had Hispanic-sounding names, since most of the people on the team speak little-no Spanish and it's a good opportunity to make a difference and look impressive.  Today we were shorter on prep time and I actually was the only person who had seen this one patient (Spanish-speaking) at the time we presented, so that was pretty cool.  My preceptor then gave me the rest of the day off to study - I ended up mostly sleeping because the last two days I've gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep each night.  

Tomorrow I have my Internal Medicine exam - going to go through practice questions.  As long as I pass it that's all I need.  I also got a "Medical Spanish made Ridiculously Simple" because while I speak Spanish decently, if I want to use it as a bullet point on my CV I'd rather have it be a little more honed.  Especially since my rotation in September at my #1 spot for possible residency will have me working with a preceptor who likes to emphasize Spanish-speaking patients and I suspect he is not a native speaker either.  

Anyhow, this weekend will be a bit relaxing - Friday and Saturday just for me and the boyfriend, then going out on Sunday to a dim sum brunch in SF with my best friend who will be leaving for Seattle in a couple short weeks for a new job... then possibly watching the eclipse with my family.  Next week I start Psychiatry - last one for a week and then, as luck would have it, I will have a 2 week vacation.  I had intended to fill this spot with Radiology, but the doctor could only take me for the first two weeks of July, not from mid June-mid July as I had wanted.  More time to study at least!  

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