Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Productive Day

Well, one of my tasks was very simple, the other much more frustrating. The matter of getting my immunization records was a hassle because I am no longer a member of the HMO which holds all the records of my immunizations, and because I was a member of two different regions, Northern and Southern California. I was on the phone for forever, getting shuffled around until I finally ended up at member services and I was told I could send the form to them and they would give it to my old doctor. I heard this from Northern California. So I tried to do it down here, assuming it would be the same, and I was told it would not be possible to have a doctor sign it because I am no longer a member. I am now stuck sending official immunization reports from the office of medical records, and hoping Touro accepts them and is able to put two and two together. On the plus side, I was driving to so many different Kaiser locations that I came across one that was having a blood drive, so I stopped to donate and get an ice cream coupon! Blood for ice cream, a very sweet deal. I also got some art supplies, so I can work on creative endeavors in my spare time. I also made my appointment to see a D.O. for a physical (Osteopath pride!) - July 23rd, and she's a graduate of Touro University (California)!

The second task, which involved calling Wells Fargo and sorting out my student loan situation, was much more pleasant. I got my loan application numbers, got my Master Promissory Notices, and took out that second loan for $13,500 which will be at 7.5% interest, lower than the "recommended" Federal PLUS loan for graduate and professional students, which has a fixed interest rate of 8.5%. The title of that loan is MedCAP (Medical College Access Program, an alternative loan for health professionals). I knew my history and good credit with Wells Fargo would pay off. It's a shame I didn't qualify for a Perkins loan (issued by the school, $2,000 maximum per year, fixed 5%) but maybe if I file early enough next year I will get it and/or a grant.

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