Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Waiting Game

Being on the waitlist at a school is frustrating in more ways than just the waiting. It is frustrating that I have to put off my excitement about a school since I am not certain about which school I should be excited. I want to start getting to know my classmates, looking for housing, planning when to move, investigating the activities and curriculum offered by the school. Unfortunately, I cannot because I do not want to be disappointed about getting into a school or not. As now, I am trapped in a limbo period, trying not to become too attached to either school on the off chance the one I choose is the one I end up not attending.

I cannot quite understand why it is taking so long for them to send me notification that I am on the alternate list - if I had not learned their decision on the phone, I would still not know their decision. People who interviewed after I did have already received admissions notifications - no alternate list/waiting list/rejections though. Alas, what can I do. I was told they would be sending it any day now, so tomorrow or Saturday I will hopefully receive the official decision.

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