Monday, July 8, 2013

First Week of Residency Year 1

Well, I've had about a week of being a resident - I have to say, parking in "Doctor's Only" spots, getting all the free cafeteria food I want, introducing myself as a Doctor so-and-so, it's been pretty great!  It's taking a little getting used to, but it's fun!  I'm finally having a part in patient care and I think the confidence that comes from having decent decision making skills is making me better with my patient interactions.  Also, I have electronic medical records down almost like a second language after only a day or two.  I haven't used this system before, but I've always been good with computers so...after two years of gritting my teeth while watching my attendings attempt to chart patient visits, finally I am the one doing that!  

I've started out with clinic and homeless medicine - which is very interesting and it's a pretty easy way to start out.  The hours aren't that long and I get to do a lot of reading and videos.  I like that I get noon conferences - kind of a daily lecture on random stuff.  Also the commute from my place is less than 15 minutes no matter where I have to go so far!  For emergency, which I start next week, it gets a little more tricky - I might end up driving 30 minutes each way.  My first call is this weekend, luckily it's 7pm to 7am, starting on Saturday, so I get to sleep in and get both days to hang out and do stuff.  

Pretty much all moved in up here - our place is all settled, wedding and honeymoon are all done for now, time to get back to work...  I'm trying to start out with good habits - always taking care of things on time, staying organized, you know.  The things everyone says they'll do but usually don't do.  Well, I'm hoping to do them!  Anyhow, time to enjoy my evening... after a long day running around trying to keep a bunch of things straight in my head...

As a PS:  I keep seeing emails from recent medical graduates, international, caribbean and domestic, all sending us their applications hoping we've had a vacancy or to get started for the next round of residency applications.  All I can say is I am sooooo thankful to be done with that and finally I can stay put for three years and get paid money!  MONEY!  It's not much but it's something!  

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