Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Interviews Left...

Well, two more days of GI left, and two interviews left.  I decided to cancel my Reno interview.  I've gotten good enough vibes from three of my top four programs, and two of my backup programs, that I don't really want to risk driving my two-wheel drive car into Reno in January when it would be at the bottom of my rank list anyway.  I am almost tempted to cancel the next two interviews, because I'm getting tired of interviews, the novelty has worn off, and these last two places are also at the bottom of my list.  However, one of the interviews is Thursday, and the next one is a week from Thursday.  They are coming up so soon that I might as well just do them.  

Currently on my GI rotation - mostly just trying to get through it.  I'm already tired of seeing colonoscopies.  They're interesting enough, but ... pretty brutal to watch and most of them are very routine.  Nice preceptor, very glad I'm only spending two weeks doing this.  Really more like one week considering the Thanksgiving vacation and my two interview days.  After this, it's a month off!

On another note, got my wedding dress ordered, got my car repaired (one more expensive repair coming up but I'll do that after I get my next loan disbursement), and have all of December off during which I get to visit my maid of honor in Seattle, have two friends stay over, and celebrate two Christmases.  Oh yeah, and my Birthday.  The guy at the Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt place today guessed that I was turning twenty - off by about 6 years.  Glad I still pass for a college kid in a college town.  I would think it would be even more obvious when you're surrounded by people who actually are younger than you.  Also going down to Monterey soon for a few days to check out wedding venues, and next year Mom's taking us to Hawaii for a few days.  All-in-all, 4th year is winding down to be pretty good, and I feel like when you really set your mind to something, anything can happen...

Probably because today's interview felt like it went really well.  Maybe I was just overconfident or over-comfortable  but I feel like I got really good vibes from them.  Like Kit always says, "Be nice to the administrative people, because they make a big difference and are usually unappreciated."  Very true.  When I did my sub-internship at this place (my number one choice for residency), I tended to go through the back entrance since the front included the waiting room.  The back entrance I had to ring the bell every day and they were always smiling and very happy to get up and open the door for me - I even apologized most of the time, saying I wish there were some easier ways to get through, and started using the other door after a while.  I always chatted with them, smiled a lot, showed my appreciation.  Today I feel like they not only remembered and liked me from before, but I felt like they tried to put the spotlight more on me a few times, and I feel like they even might have talked a little to the program director.  They definitely made an effort to remind her that I had done a sub-internship at the site, and when she came back while I was the only one sitting in the room (others had gone to their scheduled interviews, I was on a scheduled "break") she said she had looked over my application just then and talked to me in a kind of informal interview.  Just the level of comfort from knowing the facility and all the residents was really encouraging and confidence boosting.  

Also, when they're saying to the interview group "We allowed to tell you that you're a shoo-in for the program," I couldn't help but feel like they were half-directing it at me.  I don't know.  They aren't allowed to tell us this stuff because if they do, then students get the wrong idea, and cancel their other interviews and put all their eggs in one basket when there are no guarantees that the program plans to follow through.  It's all part of the game I suppose.  

On another note, we toured the Davis maternity facilities and when I graduate, it would be pretty sweet to deliver my first baby there.  They have one of the lowest C-section rates in the country, have facilities to allow you to be in a pool for labor or for water birth deliveries... it looks pretty dang awesome.  You can also connect your music player up to the sound system in the rooms.  I have 4 years or so to figure it out, so we shall see.  But I've got my eyes set on that location - not to mention it's only 10 minutes from where I live now.  That would be pretty awesome.

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